Suffering from gum pain? Or maybe your sore from chewing hard meat? For all you know you could be brushing your teeth too hard.

Put that aside, sore gums could indicate more serious problems like gingivitis, periodontitis, or even thrush.

But if you want quick relief for the sore gums, then you came to the right place.

These are simple remedies that could the solution to your problem:


  1. Saltwater rinse

Salt will help kill any lingering bacteria in your gums, which could be the cause the swelling.

But this doesn’t mean you swallow salt down your throat.

Mix a tablespoon of salt with a cup of warm water. Then swish the saltwater in your mouth, especially where it hurts 3-4 times, and then spit it out. Don’t swallow the saltwater unless you want your kidneys to shrivel up.

This is a practical remedy for your sore gums.


  1. Compress

One solution is either a hot or cold compress to ease the pain. This makes your gums feel better for the time being.

To use a hot compress, heat water till its warm, not boiling. Then soak in cloth and squeeze out excess water. Then apply the cloth where pain is but not directly on the wound, preferably on the cheek.

To use a cold compress, either use the same method as above except cold water this time and apply at the cheek or wrap an ice pack an gently place it where the pain is.



  1. Herbal poultice

What a surprise, there’s a link between painful inflammation and herbs and spices.

Clove powder, Spilanthes, and turmeric are all pain relieving and anti-inflammatory in nature.

Mashing them together and mixing them with warm water will form a paste. Put this paste on the gums until the pain goes away and then rinse it out with water.


  1. Teabags

The last remedy to consider are teabags, the very same ones you use to make tea. First make a pot of tea. Then when the tea bag is cool enough, place the tea bag directly on the gums for at least 5 minutes to get the swelling down.

Good quality teas like black, green and even hibiscus tea are high in astringent tannins. The tannins will absorb whatever is irritating the gums.

Ginger and chamomile teas are anti-inflammatory, which will ease the swelling of the gums.

These are the remedies and solutions to sore gums. If you feel I missed anything, please leave your answers down at the comment section below.

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By Aaron
24th March 2020

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