The problem of a loose tooth, black teeth and cavities is no longer regarded as something extraordinary that we see in children. The once white and neat teeth have now disappeared.

The problem of tooth decay in children is due to many factors such as nutrition and the wrong way of brushing their teeth. To avoid the problem of tooth decay, parents must ensure that oral and dental care of the child is continued daily.

How does tooth decay occur?

Bacteria containing bacteria will form and attach to your toddler’s teeth. Bacteria react with sugar to acid and attack and decompose the enamel or outer layer of teeth.

It will form dental caries that will cause tooth decay and cavity. If this problem is tolerated, children will have a toothache because the bacteria in caries will continue to spread and infect the pulp.

Worse, if left untreated, the baby may have blisters on the gums and inflammation of the face.

Child’s tooth factor is damaged
The main cause of tooth decay is from fluids, drinks or sugary foods given to children.

These drinks and foods contain hidden sugars that will cause plaques to form and may result in tooth decay. In addition, the behavior of infants and children who are fond of sucking can also cause tooth decay.

How much more so if the little one drinks a bottle of sweet or sugary drinks.

Preventive measures
Parents are advised to limit the intake of sugary drinks especially in bottles for children.

Also, avoid giving your baby a bottle before bedtime.

Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride, a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay and strengthens the tooth enamel layer. The function of fluoride is also to protect the teeth from acid attacks produced by bacteria.

Avoid placing honey or sweets on a baby’s pacifier or nipples. Also, minimize the use of teeth because regular use will cause permanent tooth decay.

By Nurul
24th March 2020 21:45

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