We know that some depressed people tend to smoke, but have you heard smoking being the cause of depression?

A professor from the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine in Jerusalem, Prof. Hagai Levine, explains that there’s a link between smoking and depression.

Interestingly, according to other outside studies, people who never smoked once in their lives have better health and better quality of life as they have less anxiety or depression.

So, to help shed some light on the matter, Prof. Levine and team decided to study the association between HRQoL (Health-Related Quality of Life) and smoking among students in Serbia. Few studies have looked into this association in low- and middle-income countries.

Prof. Levine’s studies takes place in Serbia and other middle-income countries, particularly studying students. He found that a third of students in Serbia smoke.

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 The link between smoking and mental health

A study that took place in the University of Belgrade having 90,000 students and the University of Pristina having around 8,000, implemented check-ups between April and June back in 2015.

The info about the participants background, age, social status as well as their lifestyle, whether they smoke, drink, exercise and how they eat were all taken into consideration.

Prof. Levine asked the participants specific questions. These questions are:

  • physical functioning
  • role functioning physical
  • bodily pain
  • general health
  • vitality
  • social functioning
  • role functioning emotional
  • mental health

Each these questions were used to gauge their mental and physical health which were scored between 0 and 100.

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) was used by Dr. Levine’s team to assess the student’s symptoms of depression, scored 0 to 3 using 21 items.

The final BDI score consisted of:

  • 0–13 represents “no or minimal depression”
  • 14–19 ranks as “mild depression”
  • 20–28 represents “moderate depression”
  • 29–63 ranks as “severe depression”

Tobacco destroys mental health

In conclusion, the study showed high BDI score was linked to smoking. This shows that smokers have significantly higher chance of being depressed than non-smokers.

Frequent smokers have worsened depressive symptoms than a non-smoking depressed person as well worsen mental health. This is shown during “social functioning” parameters.

Smoking is not a go-to thing to feel less depressed people. If anything, it causes an endless cycle.

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23rd March 2020 19:30

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