Ever gotten a muscle cramp in the midst of a good night’s sleep?

Well I have. Which is why I’m going to tell you the best actions to take while having these painful moments.

Cramps usually happen when your muscle is either fatigued, overused or dehydrated. Other reasons could involve the lack of magnesium or potassium, both electrolytes needed for muscles to work smoothly

In a serious matter, cramps could indicate hypothyroidism, diabetes or over drinking. Those who are 65 and older have higher chances of cramping.

Here are some remedies to try out.


Common solution to cramping, stretching. A gentle stretch or even a light massage will do wonders. Heating pads could have the same effect as light stretching.


Magnesium is an excellent remedy for cramping. Applying to magnesium oil on the cramped muscle will show quick effect.


Remember the part about heat packs? Well this remedy is one of the first solutions used by personal trainers, coaches and physical therapists.

A hot bath or a hot soak would be a great solution, an old remedy, but still useful.

Epsom salts can go well with hot soaks.

To play safe, you should use the lowest setting on the pad and only increase when there’s no relief at all.

This isn’t ideal for those who can’t take heat, like those with diabetes, spinal cord injury, or any other condition that makes you sensitive to heat.


This is common sense. As one of the reasons of cramping is dehydration, logic would say hydrating yourself would be the solution to this problem. Plus hydrating yourself would also help with other issues as well.

Get moving

During a cramp, small and light movements is a great way to relax after it cramps. This is a well known remedy or solution. This is usually done after stretching or massaging the affected area.

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By Aaron
21st March 2020 17:50

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