You may have been told that eggs are bad for health because they contain high calories which can cause diseases such as high blood pressure or heart.
But you don’t have to worry because eggs are the best source of protein, especially for those who want to lose weight.

Even eggs have a variety of nutrients that many do not know including it is rich in vitamin D and low in calories. Eggs are also rich in vitamin D in boosting the body’s metabolism.

1. Egg yolk increases metabolism

There are some of us who do not like to eat egg yolk but in fact, it is the most important part of nutrition that improves metabolism, nerve function, and brain development.

In general, 1 egg can provide about 145 milligrams of choline and the idea of ​​including eggs in some of your diets is best.

2. Egg yolk contains vitamin D

Egg yolk is a source of vitamin D that plays a role in strengthening bone and immunization to humans lacking in other foods.

A study was done in 2018 also showed that egg yolk can also reduce fat problems in the stomach. Eggs do not contain sugar so for those who want to diet what about including eggs in your diet menu!

3. Eggs contain low-calories

For individuals who are on a diet, eggs can actually play a role as they have only 72 calories.

In the diet, protein and vital vitamins are important and eggs are an important source of 6 grams of protein besides the fats that your body needs when dieting.

4. Eggs do not contain sugar

Usually a person who is dieting likes to eat “healthy” foods such as yogurt, grains, bread that actually contains sugar.

But it’s different from eggs that don’t contain sugar – so for those who want to diet what are the alternatives to eggs in your breakfast menu. Egg yolk is most nutritious besides low in calories and rich in vitamin D.

5. Eggs stabilize the sugar content in the body

Good news for those with type 2 diabetes! Consuming eggs on the menu can stabilize the blood sugar content. Studies show that consuming eggs can reduce cravings for food even after eating.

6. Eat eggs before exercising

You must have friends whose gym legs love to eat eggs before they exercise, right? In fact, it really helps with energy. It can also help build and improve muscles while exercising.

By Nurul
19th March 2020 14:37

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