“Sit sideways or in a comfortable position, place your body in an upright posture, place your palms open on your knees, close your eyes…”

This is how one is led to a meditation session. You really don’t need to do anything, no spell is read, no remembrance is mentioned, no prayer or any repetition.

“Just pay attention to the way you breathe, take a deep breath and breathe slowly, breathe deeply and breathe slowly until you ‘sleep’ in a conscious state.”

Proper meditation will surely bring change, especially to those who are involved in a busy, depressed, over-the-top and over-the-top daily routine.

In general, meditation can calm you down and give you better clarity.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of meditation and how it affects the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of a person who is constantly confused between various issues and issues.

1. Reduce stress
Stress or stress is one of the main reasons why a person chooses to meditate. When we are depressed, the cortisol hormone levels in the body increase and the body releases the inflammatory stimulant called cytokines. Cytokines interrupt sleep, increase blood pressure, cause depression and anxiety.

A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University involved 33 men and women between the ages of 18-30. They are asked to meditate and practice breathing 25 minutes a day. After 3 days, their saliva samples showed a decrease in cortisol levels.

In fact, the problem-solving ability is also high when given some computational questions.

2. Fight depression
Prolonged stress can end in chronic depression. In this situation, meditation offers peace to fight depression. This was proven by a study conducted by Rutgers University involving 55 people; 22 of them had depression.

After attending a 30-minute meditation program followed by a 30-minute aerobic exercise for 8 weeks, the symptoms of depression decreased by 40%.

3. Control anxiety
Meditation is also said to control a person from anxiety sometimes. Relaxation and peace during meditation helps reduce anxiety, and when you do it on a regular basis, you will notice the difference.

4. Improve your sleep quality
Sleep problems are encountered by almost every generation. Stress, lifestyle, diet, fatigue and many other factors contribute to sleep disorders or difficulty sleeping. Therefore, meditation is one of the safest treatments without any side effects.

One study compared two groups of participants, those who participated in the meditation program and not. Participants who practiced meditation found that they slept faster and soundly than those who did not.

This is because meditation gives you peace of mind and thus helps your body to relax better.

5. Enhance the immune system
If you get sick often, this means you need to improve your immune system. The way, among other things, is to meditate. This is because the practice helps to promote respiration that is important to keep the immune system awake.

By Nurul
18th March 2020 19:16


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