Yoga space is very crucial for a yoga practitioner. The importance of the yoga space provides the opportunity to practice yoga in its own comfort zone.

The yoga room helps the practitioner develop awareness during practice from the first day to the future to assess how the body responds to each practice. Not only that, but the yoga space also allows the mind and mind to unite with the created environment.

While it sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry because it’s not that difficult, nor does it require you to find a specific space. In fact, this yoga space can be a private, relaxing and self-catering place.

Below are some tips for choosing your yoga space:

Choose a strategic place

Make sure the space you choose is in line with your intended purpose. Lighting in the yoga room is important, especially in the morning sunlight that contributes Vitamin D to the skin. Choose a space with a level of privacy so that yoga routines are not interrupted by the presence of others.

When you can find a place that is truly personal, it makes it easier for practitioners to achieve optimum comfort. If you do not have separate rooms, choose a peaceful corner of the house and if necessary, place a bamboo divider, to separate it from the rest of the room.

Simple and neat space

Cleanliness of space is important to give you the motivation to do yoga. While it may not be as complex and complex, it is simply a space that provides ample security and convenience.

A touch of nature

Add natural elements so that your space is imbued with balance and harmony. Put your favorite plants, flower pots, shells, water fountains or whatever else comes naturally.

Calm the soul with music

Music is not important, but living in a noisy city, soothing music will help bring peace and tranquility.

Nice smell

It helps you focus and fill your space with soothing positive energy. You can use scent oil or scented candles in the yoga room.

Personalize the yoga room

To make the yoga room more personal and relaxing, you can add any appropriate accessories. For example bells and chimes, crystal stones, beads or artwork that provide peace and tranquility. You can also paint the room in your favorite colors.

Above are just a few suggestions to create a yoga space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do yoga without it. There are many ways and ways to create a yoga space in your own capacity.

By Nurul
13th March 2020 12:01

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