Lack of sleep or poor sleep is associated with modern illness. Otherwise, we put too much emphasis on other things so sleep is only practiced in between breaks.

Worse, many are unable to sleep because they are often disturbed by external or internal factors. So how does one get a night of quality sleep so the next morning is brighter?

We all know and care about getting enough sleep for about 6 to 8 hours a day, so here are 8 quality sleep tips and guidelines.

1. Avoid taking late dinner
Sleep after meals can increase the level of acid in the stomach and cause stomach ulcers. Sometimes it can also cause a sensation of stomach, chest, and throat. Provide enough space between your dinner and bedtime. The digestive process can also affect your sleep.

2. Take a hot bath before going to bed
The most “fun” tip to practice before bed is a hot water bath. This is because the body temperature at night often fluctuates and it makes us feel tired, sleepy and tired. Hot baths before bed can help lower the natural temperature and even soothe the muscles of the body so that they can wake up in the morning to be refreshed.

3. Set the room temperature
The ideal room temperature for a good night’s sleep is 20-23 ° C. There are studies that recommend that people sleep without clothes to achieve optimum sleep satisfaction.

4. Keep your cellphone away
Melatonin, a natural hormone produced by the pituitary gland helps one to sleep at night. When you turn off the light and stop using the cell phone, the brain sends a signal to the pineal gland to produce melatonin that can wake you to sleep. What’s more, hang up your phone!

5. Breathe or meditate (yoga before bed
Lighter exercises with a 10-20 minute breathing session can help you sleep better. Meditation is also known as a good treatment for insomnia problems as well as helping to calm the mind from work stress and ease sleep.

6. Easy night routine
Turn off the light before 10pm, drink hot green tea before bed, listen to soft music, soak up the fragrance, or read a book before bedtime. A small, simple routine like this signals the brain that bedtime is near. It allows the brain to send signals throughout the body to get ready for sleep.

7. Change bedding
It’s a mind or psychological game. When you change clothes and get ready for bed, usually loose, soft clothing, will facilitate ventilation and so on, it is like setting the mood for sleep.

8. Stop drinking coffee by evening
To get quality sleep, stop taking caffeine (tea, coffee, energy drinks, soda, even chocolate) for at least 8 hours before bedtime.

By Nurul
9th March 2020 14:37

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