The scorching hot weather out there definitely makes us uncomfortable and thirsty all the time. As early as 8am, the heat had begun, to sweat and the sweat was starting to worsen, which could be detrimental to health.

Here is list of beverages that are suitable as ‘remedies’ to reduce hydration as well as cool the body. Failure to drink cool drinks or water in the summer can also be harmful to the body by causing many health problems.

Coconut water

Coconut water is a natural isotonic drink that can prevent hydration and replace the natural salt that is lost from the body during sweating.



Pineapple has sources of vitamins B and C besides being good for digestion, the fruit can be juice to drink, but never take pineapple juice when you have a fever.



Pomegranate is rich in vitamins, calcium, sodium and antioxidants. Many of these vitamins can fight the disease. No need to make juice but taking it as a snack can also reduce the body’s lack of water.


Barley drinks are also good in the summer because they are not only delicious but also cool. Boil it and make it a drink while barley seeds are edible.



Kiwi fruits contain a lot of Vitamin C and potassium, although they are slightly sour but the kiwi fruit is very good as it can increase blood levels in the drinker’s body.


Lemon intake can not only melt fat but also serve as an additional antibody and helps digest food. A glass of fresh lemon water is not just for hydration, but lemon is also rich in vitamin C.

May these tips help and avoid hydration and cause more serious health problems, safe to try.

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