Using a scrub is one effective face care routine to keep the pores clean from dead skin cells and help your skin to rejuvenate with healthier cells.

Depending on the type of skin, you may be able to apply face scrubs every other day or once a week.

However, excessive use of face scrubs can cause a micro-tear to the skin and expose it to environmental pollutants and harmful radiation from the sun. Regardless of how often you use a face scrub, there are signs of excessive facial scrubbing that you should be aware of.

Redness and irritation

Your facial skin may be a little red immediately after the use of the face scrub, but if your face stays red for hours until the next day, this may mean that you need to reduce the frequency of use.

If your skin feels itchy or you experience burning sensation when using a chemical peel, this indicates that the skin barrier is damaged by exfoliation. If you feel a tingling sensation with other skincare products, you should also reduce the exfoliation. Feeling a little sore with acid is normal, but if you feel pain, reduce the use of peel.

The skin is dry and peeling

With dry skin, combination and regular skin, over-exfoliation can cause your skin to dry out and even begin to peel. If you have dry spots, use more moisturizers, or start to have skin peeling on any part of your face, this means you need to rest from using exfoliating products. Never use a scrub to get rid of skin peeling as you will worsen the condition.

Increased oil production

For oily skin and combinations as well as some normal skin, the opposite can happen. Your skin may produce more oil than usual. This is because the exfoliation dries and weakens the skin and thus your skin tries to balance it by producing excess oil to protect and hydrate it again.


Believe it or not, over-exfoliation is actually one of the main causes of acne, or acne is difficult to get rid of. Although mild exfoliation is a great way to prevent acne by removing dirt from the pores, it can exfoliate the skin and prevent it from being able to protect against bacteria and infections.

Shiny skin

You may think of shiny skin as a positive sign after exfoliation. On the other hand, healthy and hydrated skin is not the same as shiny skin. Shiny skin after exfoliation means your skin is stripped of its natural texture. The skin’s elastic and radiant texture should be due to the use of moisturizing, moisturizing, and non-abrasive effects.

If you start to notice these symptoms, stop the exfoliation for a week or so to allow the skin to heal and the frequency of use once the skin has healed. You can also use products that provide moisture to the skin or products that help strengthen the skin barrier. Also, remember to use sunscreen to prevent harmful radiation.

By Nurul
9th March 2020 14:37

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