Tai Chi is one the most popular wellness exercises out there.

It’s based on Chinese traditional martial arts, utilizing deep breaths. Throughout the years, it is believed that its benefits include stress relief and improved cognition.

However deeper sources indicate that it chronic diseases like fibromyalgia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be regulated by the power of tai chi.


Stress Relief

One of the main and well benefits of tai chi is its ability to stress relief and easing anxiety.

One study back in 2018 reviewed the effects of tai chi on stress-related anxiety to traditional exercise. 50 participants were included in the study.

The researchers discovered that the same benefits for managing stress-related anxiety as exercise is found in tai chi.

Because meditation and focused breathing are the main focus in tai chi, it could be superior to other exercises that relieves stress according to researchers.

Tai chi is found to be safe and low-cost according to researchers, definitely a good option for a healthy lifestyle.


Better sleep

Trouble sleeping? Try tai chi!

Frequent practice of tai chi helps for better sleep.

Young adults with anxiety were prescribed two tai chi classes each week, for 10 weeks in one study.

The individuals who practiced tai chi experienced significant improvements in their quality of sleep compared to those in the control group. Decreased anxiety was experienced by the same group.

Older adults can experience better sleep from tai chi as well.


Improves cognition in older adults

Cognition can be improved through tai chi for older adults with cognitive impairment. Notably, memory and executive functioning skills can be boosted by tai chi like paying attention and carrying out complex tasks.

People with Parkinson’s get improved balance and strength from practicing tai chi.

195 participants took part in a controlled yet randomized trial. It showed decrease occurrence of falls for people with Parkinson’s disease when they practiced tai chi frequently.

As a bonus, the strength and balancing of the legs are improved from tai chi.

So as you can see, tai chi is more than kung fu you see in movies. It has real benefits for you and me.

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7th March 2020 17:40

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