If you’re a millennial than you’re probably accustomed to the world of gaming. Many, and I really mean many, people play video games. It’s part of our culture and lifestyle.

Games are typically played on a computing device, such as a personal computer, gaming console or mobile phone.

It’s a nice way to kill some time.

There’s nothing wrong with it. Playing with your friends online and making new ones along the way is all good for your social life.

However, many of us at times have a tendency to ignore the consequences of gaming too much, even the obvious ones.


Behavioral Change

Ever noticed how some of your friends suddenly gets aggressive every now and then when playing? This is what happens to a person’s behavior when gaming gradually over time.

One studies observed students with powerful behavior records in the past and who finished a measure of aggression.

They found that students, who reported playing more violent games in their middle and high school time, tends to acquire a more forceful behavior.

Moreover, the time spent playing violent games in the past related to lower grades in school, which is a cause of dissatisfaction for some students, causing an endless cycle of gaming.


Physical Effects

One obvious side effect of over gaming is the black rings in the skin under the eyes from the lack of sleep. As mentioned in many articles before this, sleep is crucial and essential to be healthy. This is just one of the obvious consequence of sacrificing your sleep.

Speaking of eyes, common sense would tell anyone that long periods of gaming will decrease a person’s eyesight.

The next consequence is muscular stiffness in the shoulders, possibly caused by a tense posture.

During the study, children often admitted to having physical complaints during gaming sessions, for example pain in the hands and wrists, back and neck.

There are 2 reasons for this. One could be the fact that when playing aggressively, people tend to hold their controllers very tightly. The same could be said for those who game with the mouse and keyboard.

Another reason for this is the long period of having the limbs stationary for long periods of time. The human body needs to move every now and then to prevent stiffness in the joints and limbs.

So in conclusion, over gaming is obviously bad. Am I asking you to go cold turkey? No. Everything in moderation.

Legacy Verve
By Aaron
4th March 2020

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