Also known as a fracture, a broken arm is a common injury. The first thing that comes to mind is the excruciating pain.

Though it’s obviously painful, a broken arm can be healed. After seeing a doctor, your arm will placed in a cast.

Here are some tips to make the arm heal faster.


Setting the bone

If you have a displaced fracture, your doctor might need to manually move the pieces back into position (reduction).

Depending on the level of pain and swelling you’re going through, you might need a muscle relaxant, a sedative or even a general anesthetic before this procedure.


Pain Medication

The healing process will be painful, so normally doctors would prescribe pain medication to ease the pain. Opioid pain reliever would usually be the medication.

After a few days, your doctor may switch you to an over-the-counter pain reliever. An ice pack placed on the fracture can help relieve the pain. Keeping your arm raised above the level of your heart when you’re sleeping relieves it as well.


Being Active

While being in a cast, your arm will be immobile. Although this is the case, it’s still important to be active. Doctors could recommend certain exercises for you to do while in this state, most like simple exercises that doesn’t strain it too much.



Therapy is the next stage to occur.

To prevent stiffness and weakness, you should start hand exercises within a few days of immobilization. If it’s a forearm fracture, shoulder exercises would be a good start.

Most of the time, healing takes place within the first 6 to 12 weeks. Healing could possibly take longer after surgery.

After the immobilization period, you may resume full range-of-motion exercises.

To many people this is a sign of relief.



Surgery is usually done to stabilize some fractures. If the fracture didn’t break the skin, your doctor might wait to do surgery until the swelling has gone down.

Keeping the arm from stationary and elevated will decrease the swelling.

Fixation devices like such as wires, plates, nails or screws might be used to hold your bones in place during healing.

Here are the tips and steps to recovering from a broken arm. Hope you like the tips provided.

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By Aaron
3rd March 2020 18:10

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