Who says nutrition doesn’t have a big impact? Whatever we put into our mouths, they all make a difference to the body, whether small or large. Moreover, what you eat is obviously beneficial but it is depending on ourselves whether you want to eat it or not.

Mediterranean diet does prevent hearing problems

One study has found that eating healthy can stop an individual from becoming deaf when they are older. The study revealed that individuals who consume large quantities of fruits and vegetables, legumes, leafy vegetables and seafood and fish are less likely to report hearing loss.

The types of foods that are best seen for hearing health are the types of foods found in the Mediterranean diet.

In the study, individuals who consumed the closest diet to the Mediterranean diet were found to have up to 30% lower risk for hearing loss. A group of scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusettes conducted this study on 3,135 women with an average age of 59.

The participants of this study were tested over a three-year period and the researchers also looked at the dietary information they used. At the mid-level, these women were found to have a 30% lower incidence of hearing problems when eating a healthy diet.

According to Dr. Sharon Curhan, lead researcher for this study, the common perception we have is that hearing loss is something that is inevitable and is one of the aging processes.

However, their research focuses on what we can change in our daily diet and lifestyle to avoid hearing loss or at least slow it down.

The risk of hearing loss can be reduced through diet

According to Dr. According to Sharon, the benefits of adhering to a healthy eating pattern have been linked to a number of positive effects on health and eating well can also help reduce an individual’s risk of hearing problems.

The types of diets that were compared to respondents’ daily diets were Alternate Mediterranean diet, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) and Alternate Healthy Index-2010.

These three types of diet focus on the intake of fruits and vegetables, the reduction of meat, dairy products and processed foods, as well as increased intake of fish, legumes and legumes.

Unhealthy and fatty foods are known to narrow blood vessels and reduce blood supply.

Dr. Sharon says that insufficient blood flow to the inner ear can increase the risk of it becoming swollen or damaged.

We all know that unhealthy nutrition contributes to many different types of chronic diseases. Try replacing some of your daily dishes with healthier types of foods such as chili and salads.

Take plenty of seafood sources such as tuna and sausage because these types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are well known for the body especially your brain.

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