We may use hand sanitizer often, with the aim of disinfecting it. However, is the use of hand sanitizer really effective in killing the virus?

Are there any easier and more effective ways to kill viruses in your body?

Hand sanitizer can kill the flu virus and Ebola?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a warning letter to GOJO Industries, a Purell product manufacturer, to stop claims that their hand sanitizer products could kill viruses such as flu and Ebola.

According to the FDA, Purell’s alcohol-based product is certified as a drug, but has not yet been approved for advertising as follows. In the United States, this Purell hand sanitizer brand is the most popular brand for the locals.

What did Purell put on their hand sanitizer bottles?

Purell claims “It is proven to kill 99.9% of germs at hand” for their products. To your knowledge, such claims are present in all Purll product bottles, branding, websites and product descriptions.

It is a very persuasive claim for consumers especially at a time when the novel coronavirus outbreaks are spreading all over the world. Such excessive claims can mislead users who may think their product could kill the virus almost 100%.

Recommendations of CDC and WHO

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and WHO encourages the use of water and soap as a key way to cleanse yourself from germs and viruses.

The use of water and soap is much more effective in removing harmful chemicals and viruses than hand sanitizers. If there is no water and soap, then alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used as one of the preventive measures for flu virus infection.

The CDC states that disinfectants with an alcohol concentration of between 80% and 90% are “strong” or “powerful” in weakening all enveloped viruses.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can reduce the microbes in your hands faster in certain situations, but it can’t kill all the microbes or germs in your hand.

Hand sanitizer is less effective when your hands are dirty and oily

Many studies show that hand sanitizer is effective in clinical services such as hospitals, because the hands are not so dirty with the soil and oil.

This is because, if your hands are in a very greasy or dirty state, using a hand sanitizer is not very effective. If your hands are dirty with soil effects after sports, the best way to clean them from germs or viruses is to use soap and water.

Hand sanitizer does not remove harmful chemicals in your hands

According to many studies, hand sanitizers may not be able to remove harmful chemicals from your hands. In one study, individuals who used hand sanitizer to clean their hands had higher levels of pesticide content in the body.

Therefore, if your hands are in contact with harmful chemicals, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

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