Anger is a part of us, whether we like it or not. Problem is when we get angry, we unintentionally take it out on others. Fact is, a lot us are in fact short tempered.

Because of this, people you have no intention of hurting will be affected and offended. Relationships become broken over harsh words just because someone had a bad day.

Let’s learn to prevent this.


Taking deep breaths

A very well-known and common solution.

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to overlook your breathing. But that kind of shallow breathing you do when you’re angry keeps you in fight-or-flight mode.

To change this, try taking slow, controlled breaths you inhale from your belly rather than your chest. This allows your body to instantly calm itself.



Finding your happy place in the midst of a flight delay or work setback can help you feel more relaxed in the moment.

Maybe imagining a calming beach or perhaps a lushful mountain would be relieving environment for you.



Laughing it off is one of the best solutions in moments like these.

Finding the humor in a heated moment can help you keep a balanced perspective. This doesn’t mean you laugh off your problems, but looking at them in a more lighthearted way will put you at ease.


The next time you feel your rage bubbling up, imagine how this scenario might look to an outsider? How might this be funny to them?

By not taking yourself too seriously, you’ll have more chances to see how unimportant minor annoyances are in the big scheme of things.

Plus, you can look back at event and laugh about it.


Be Active

Exercising is an excellent way to redirect your anger. This could sharpen your focus when you box, or even motivate you to lift heavier weights in the gym.

All in all, exercising in the midst of anger is a healthy option


Get Out

If you’re in an environment that consistently pisses you off, common sense would tell you to just leave.

If there’s no reason or significance to stay in the area, then just walk away. It’s better than getting more angry and bursting out your temper.


Express your frustration

Probably the most underrated and neglected method.

Expressing your frustrations or concerns, rather than blatantly yelling and scolding the person, would save up plenty of time.

This actually get down to the actual problem in the first place.

Anger management is never easy. Anyone who claims anger management is easy probably lives in cave. But as rational mature adults, we must all learn to have patience and tolerance in these matters. Don’t let anger destroy relationships that are meant to last for lifetimes.

Legacy Verve
29th February 2020
By Aaron

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