Feel guilty about wanting some quality time with yourself?

A new study say don’t because the benefits are immense! Not only does it reduce stress and depression, it also boosts creativity, according to a report.. The new study conducted by researchers at the University of Buffalo are the first to show how a little solitude can “actively improve” our state of mind.

Lead study author Dr Julie Bowker said however, those that felt scared to be around people were not as productive during their time alone. “When people think about the costs associated with social withdrawal, often times they adopt a developmental perspective. Shy and avoidant individuals may be unable to use their solitude time happily and productively, maybe because they are distracted by their negative cognitions and fears.”

While studies at University of Michigan have found that a lack of privacy or “me” time is a bigger cause of unhappy marriages than a less-satisfying sex life.

Today, our schedule is so busy that we have no time for ourselves. 

Many of us sitting on the sofa looking at our phones or social sites, watching television, at a beauty salon to groom their hair for a while. It may have been true years ago, not now. 

This is due to various disorders such as radiation waves and other external disturbances that can affect mental health. In addition, what it means to have time for yourself is to relax and analyze yourself for the good without getting involved in any subject or task.

As long as it is easy to sit down, we must entertain our smartphones or think of something, usually relaxing.

No matter who we are, the boss, the employees, the husband, the wife, the mother, the father, the children, everyone needs time for themselves which is not fun.Make time for yourself or more popular with the title “Me Time” is something that you should do and do regularly.

How to do it?

Simply, close the office or bedroom door for 30 minutes, leave your phone outside or shut down for a while, do not ‘immerse’ yourself in any task, sit still for a minute, 30 minutes for example.

Quiet time without distractions has many benefits to yourself.

“Me time” instantly gives you more focus on the important situations you face, your mind becoming clearer and more creative. You can also use that time to respond to goals you have set for yourself and maybe change them.

Finding “me time” may sound difficult or a big challenge. Why don’t you try this way:

– Wake up 15 minutes earlier than anyone else at home and sit still before starting the day. Do not turn on gadgets or electronic equipment such as radios.

– Nice weather is a great time to do me time. Get out in the morning sun and take a walkaround the block or flower garden in your yard.

– At night, go to the bedroom early and take your time alone. What you can do is meditate, do breathing exercises or sit by the window and watch the stars and the moon.

– Take a walk in the park without talking to anyone. Look at trees, flowers, plants, insects and monitor sounds around.

– Never send a message to a friend or check your email or check your office assignments. Just focus on yourself.

Isn’t it easy? Start your “me time” today and see the difference in yourself!


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