From the title alone one would start asking a few questions. What on earth is phytoestrogen? Is it related to estrogen? What does it have to do with women?

This isn’t a common topic heard in biology topics or medical articles

What is Phytoestrogen?

First we need to answer what phytoestrogen is. Phytoestrogen is the natural substance found in plant based foods like fruits and vegetables.

They resemble the chemical structure of estrogen, the female sex hormone.

Estrogen is well known to be the hormone that’s responsible for fertility in women and their feminine body features (breasts, hips, facial features).

Phytoestrogen got its name from adding the prefix phyto, meaning its related to plants, and estrogen.

When a person consumes a lot of plant-based foods that contain phytoestrogens, they may have a similar effect to estrogen produced by the body.

That is why the story about the man who drank soya bean very frequently and developed breasts made sense. It was phytoestrogens found in the content of the beverage that caused this bizarre story.

The Science of it

Ok now that we established what phytoestrogen is, we need to understand how on earth this compound works.

What’s interesting here is that phytoestrogen has the ability to mimic estrogen.

The chemical makeup of phytoestrogen from plants is very similar to actual estrogen found in women.

When a person consumes phytoestrogen, probably from eating vegetables, the human body’s estrogen receptor reads phytoestrogen as actual estrogen.

What it’s used for

Now comes the most important question, what it’s used for.

Phytoestrogen is mainly used by women who seek to rebalance their hormones while they age.

You see folks, as women age and reach 40, their bodies begins to change.

Their menstrual cycle changes during this period of their lives. They start going through perimenopause, the stage before menopause, where they start to experience hot flashes, lessened sex drive, fatigue, and the infamous mood swings.

Yes, all these symptoms are unpleasant to women, as well to men who women take their frustrations out on.

Phytoestrogens lessen the symptoms of perimenopause by rebalancing their hormones.

In a nutshell, phytoestrogen acts a substitute as estrogen production in women decreases while they age.

Other Benefits

Aside its main use to rebalance hormones in women, phytoestrogen also has other benefits.

Phytoestrogen is speculated to fight cancer, acne, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Aside from that, it lowers blood pressure, lowers the chance of prostate cancer, lower cholesterol levels, and helps regulate blood sugar.

From this, we can see that phytoestrogen is beneficial to men as well.

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28th February 2020 20:40
By Aaron

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