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The trend of using stainless steel or stainless steel straws has begun to attract many consumers.This is because many eateries or restaurants are beginning to respond to the government’s call to reduce plastic consumption and can cause environmental pollution by no longer providing drinkers or straws to their customers.

When the straw is not ready, they each start to take action using their own straw, which is an inhaler of iron. It can be used repeatedly, provided it is washed before reuse.

The question is, is the use of this iron straw really safe for you?

Is steel straw safe?

Steel Straws are usually made of stainless steel or quality grade food. This means it is safe to use as one of the food utensils. It is 100% safe and is a better choice than the disposable plastic straw we use.

It is also a more affordable option than other types of straws such as fragile bamboo and short use periods. However, due to its inherent inability or elasticity such as plastic straws, it should be used with caution.

Otherwise, it may cause minor injury to the gums or palate of the mouth.

There have been some horrific incidents caused by the use of iron straw caused by a small accident in the home kitchen.

Eyes, brain

In England, a 60-year-old woman suffered injuries to her left eye when an inhaler of steel in her glass was slashed to her eyes after she fell. The 10-inch stroke was also punctured directly to his brain, causing severe brain injuries.

He later died the next day due to an injury. The steel straw itself is not dangerous, but poor handling and carelessness can cause injury or accident.

The benefits of using steel straw

Although the price of this steel straw is quite expensive, it is well worth the long-term use. First, it is easy to wash since every purchase will come with a special cleaning brush.

It can also be recycled when you no longer wish to use it. In addition, iron straw is not easily damaged and rusty as it is made of stainless steel.

Since this inhaler is made of metal, it is not suitable for use in hot drinks as metal is a good conductor of heat. But, who drinks hot water with straw?

As for parents, don’t ever let your little ones use steel straws without your attention. It is to monitor their movements that they do not arbitrarily turn the suction drinkers into toys so they do not get hurt.

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