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If you regularly exercise in recreational areas such as lakes or recreational forests, this may not be an issue that you want to highlight. But if you are one of those who regularly exercise in the busy city or on the side of the road, you may want to read this exposure.

The pollutant particles make hair fall out easily.

A group of researchers from South Korea suggests that it is better for us to exercise indoors rather than outdoors. Why not? This is after this group of researchers studied the effects of particles or particles of pollutants emanating from various sources including vehicle fuel and wood burning.

Surprisingly, when scientists exposed human hair follicle cells to particles through laboratory tests, they found that these particles had reduced the level of hair follicle protein functioning for hair growth. These researchers presented their findings at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress in Madrid, Spain.

They say one of the ways to reduce hair loss is to reduce exercise on busy sidewalks.

Air pollution contributes to chronic disease?

In addition, many other studies have also found that poor air quality contributes to more serious and serious health issues.

According to Professor Ian Colbeck of the University of Essex, United Kingdom, poor air quality is closely associated with increased cases of asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic heart disease, stroke and dementia.

In addition, Harriet Edwards, who works at the British Lung Association, said air pollution also increases the risk of lung cancer cases and can help prevent pediatric lung development.

Air pollution has also been linked to 36,000 deaths in a year in the United Kingdom based on a study conducted in 2018 by King’s College London.

According to Dr. Audrey de Nazelle, a lecturer in air pollution management at Imperial College London, exercises can counteract the harmful effects of pollution by reducing inflammation caused by it and improving the immune system.

However, if we exercise, our respiratory rate will increase, and this will cause us to breathe more air into the lungs.

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