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There are some individuals who enjoy minimal work conditions without being overwhelmed, and there are individuals who love to put trees on the desk.

How is it good to put a plant on your desk?

In a research conducted, putting a tree on a work desk such as a bonsai or cactus is said to help give an individual a sense of calm and reduce work stress. From this study, researchers say laying down a tree can prevent office workers from stressing the work life of 9-5.

According to the study’s lead author, Dr Masahiro Toyoda at this time, not many people fully understood the benefits of stress-relieving plants at work.

“To change this level of thinking, we as researchers make important decisions to validate and provide scientific evidence on the effects of stress recovery brought on by plants and trees near you in a real office environment,” said Dr Masahiro.

A study conducted by scientists from the University of Hyogo in Awaji, Japan examines whether small plants can actually excite emotions and emotions at work. This is because in general, nature has been known to help improve well-being.

Dr Masahiro and the research team say that laying down a tree can create a bit of a “detour” rather than thinking about a job. But other objects on a table such as a phone, computer screen or notebook, won’t help.

According to research reports, they argue that these natural objects combine elements that create a sense of comfort, such as vitality, beauty and love. This situation is believed to help keep us from thinking about work alone.

Staring at a tree that is placed on the desk or in the office creates a separation distance related to work stress. This will also give volunteers the opportunity to avoid the tension that arises from work, even if only for a few minutes.

In fact, Dr Masahiro and his research team believe that putting a tree on the desk or working environment is very good for the company’s progress. This is because the tree will help reduce stress and increase productivity.

The findings and findings of this study add to the evidence that exposure to greenery is beneficial to the individual’s emotions and feelings, even if it is just a view from the window or a walk around the park for 20 minutes daily.

If your work often causes you stress, the best solution you can do is to put a tree on your desk.

Although the size of a tree is small, it can at least help alleviate the stresses and make you feel emotionally and mentally better. But you can also spend time looking at trees and greenery outside your office building, if you don’t like putting trees on the table.

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